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“As the blue hour progressed earlier than daybreak we have been blessed with these stunning pink tones, earlier than the sun finally rose above the mountains and kissed the famous, lone tree.” “It’s straightforward to develop a border which appears good in June, but fewer people are able to create such a shocking display in October,” said Green-Armytage. Annaick Guitteny got here first in the Portfolios category for a set of six pictures with the title Evanescence, each one a close-up of a plant covered in water droplets. In post-processing, Sharpe enhanced what she describes as a “sense of the ‘birds’ dancing in a fantasy woodland”. “Now, more than ever, it’s vitally important to attach with nature and highlight the sweetness and fragility of our planet’s ecosystems.” If I have been a Canon mirrorless shooter, I’d be very tempted to purchase it, however in the meanwhile I shoot with Nikon mirrorless.

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It requires talent to capture these moments successfully, with emotional and inventive resonance. But first it helps to have slightly present from the universe – some luck to take things to the subsequent stage. The excellent sky, the statement of a rare animal or behavior, a special second, and so on… that’s what makes the best photos.